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ELECBIZ Enterprises Co. Ltd. uphold the "Integrity", "Professional", "Efficiency" and "Enthusiasm" for the majority of customer service, and will be considered an act of this belief daily work guidelines as to achieve corporate philosophy and social sustainable development foundation.
The company"s welfare system
Bonus Benefits: New Year bonuses, employee birthday cash gifts, year-end bonuse, The Boat Festival、The Mid-Autumn Festival and the Year-End cash gifts, performance bonuses, employee bonus proposal.

Leave Benefits: weekends, parental leave, physiological leave, annual leave, paternity leave

Insurance benefits: labor, health insurance, group insurance, staffer special insurance, hospitalization condolence payments, labor pension payment set aside. 

Transportation benefits: Employee parking spaces or parking subsidies

Entertainment welfare: Domestic tourism, foreign travel, employees regularly dinners, community activities. 

Subsidy benefits: Employee job education and training, employee domestic and foreign education subsidies,  food allowance, employee phone allot or grant employees purchase of computer assistance, funeral grants and other employees and dependents
ELECBIZ Enterprises Co. Ltd. has a good welfare system and the smooth promotion system, Welcome the same concept of people to join our team.

Openings job opportunity, please refer to 104 Job Bank. Please submit your resume through 104 Job Bank.
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