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KEC was established in September 1969 Toshiba Semi-
conductor Korean company in 1970, March 3 pipe on-line,
in March 1974 changed its name to Korea Electronics Co. Ltd.,
1975 on the IC line, in 1990 KEC was established packing fac-
tory Thailand, in 1995 Wuxi established packaging plants , in
Sep.1995 the headquarters Migrating to Seoul, Korea, in May
2000 changed its name to KEC Group, in 2003 won the 2003
Korean Business Association Awarded” The Best Small Signal
Tubes Award”, Sep. 2005 wafer plant in China was set up six
wafer product line, it was established in March 2006 MOS wafer
factory, founded in 2008 sensors, modules and IGBT produc-
tion lines.
Main products are three tubes, two tubes, MOS tube, IGBT, power
modules and IC.
KEC to [the world's best and most professional semiconductor companies]
as the goal, will continue to meet new challenges.
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