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Inventek Technology Co. Ltd. was established in 1997, early in
the Precision instrument manufacturing connectors tested in
2001 in cooperation with the Japanese professional manufacturer
of encoders -MTL technology, Importing products manufacturing
and sent to the original MTL learning development, and manu-
facturing technology, has accumulated results of more than 14
Years of experience in manufacturing and maintenance encoder.
2010 in MTL technical support, provide drawings, assembly instruction,
supply parts, such as full support quality accreditation Next, ELECBIZ
has created Inventek encoder brand, price competition is also closer
to the Taiwan market.
Speed ​​Electronics uphold the best product quality, the shortest of
product delivery, the best prices, the fastest product repair conviction
to serve customers to provide you with the necessary products. 

ELECBIZ Enterprises Co. Ltd agency and sales
- Rotary encoder
- Incremental Hollow
- Single-axis encoder
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