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Product Line Item Number Name Specifications Remarks
Infineon TLI4963-1M Hall sensor 1.5 mA, 3.0 ~ 5.5 V, -/+ 2.0 mT
Infineon FP40R12KT3G IGBT Module 1200V, 40A.
Infineon BSM35GP120G IGBT Module 1200V, 35A.
Infineon FP10R12W1T4_B11 IGBT Module 1200V, 10A.
Infineon FS20R06VE3 IGBT Module 600V, 20A
Infineon TD160N16SOF Thyristor Module 1600V, 160A.
Infineon TT60N16SOF Thyristor Module 1600V, 60A.
Infineon TT120N16SOF Thyristor Module 1600V, 120A.
MTL MEH-30-1024PTP6F1(10)+MEH-30SP Encoder+Arc shrapnel 1024P/R,DC=5V-24V,6000RPM,1M+Arc shrapnel
MTL MEH-30-1024PEF1(10)+MEH-30SP Encoder+Arc shrapnel 1024P/R,DC=5V,6000RPM,1M+Arc shrapnel

TOTAL 16 , 1-10

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